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Well & Sick Waiting Areas

In our offices, we see patients through two separate entries. The “Well” Child appointments (“check-ups”) are scheduled in one while all other visits (illnesses, injuries, medication checks, behavior evaluations, etc.) are scheduled in the "Sick" area.

Nursery Care at Lutheran

Unlike the most current trend in health care (providers leaving hospital care to “Hospitalists”), we still personally care for our newborn patients in the Well Baby Nursery at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center. We also personally care for ill and preterm newborns (over 32 weeks gestation) in the NICU.

Care for Birth to 18 years

Since 1990, providers from Peak Pediatrics have provided ongoing care for kids until they are out of high school, and under some circumstances for a time beyond graduation age.

TIP Sheets

TIP Sheets are printable copies of the age related information sheets we often share with families at Well Visits as well as information sheets on common illnesses we see in the office.

Symptom Checker

Look up symptoms or conditions for information on Children’s Hospital website.
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I chose this office before my daughter was born and have been very happy with my decision. It initially appealed to me because the location is close to my house, it is in the same building as my Ob, and Dr. Gablehouse was one of 5280's "Top Docs". My daughter came over 3 weeks early so we did not have the opportunity to visit the office before her birth, so the first time I met Dr. Gablehouse was at the hospital. Dr. Gablehouse helped us to feel more at ease with everything and I felt like she had my daughter's best interests in mind from the beginning.
Emily B., Mother


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Car Seat Fit Recommendations

The Colorado Department of Transportation has a great brochure for understanding requirements and correct use of car seats for children. As they state on that page, “using the correct car seat could save your child’s life. Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death...