Behavioral Health and Care Coordination Services

What makes us different from other pediatric offices? We’re glad you asked! Our passion is that all children, regardless of insurance type, should have access to excellent care. We are not your standard practice that will only see your child for well and sick visits- we offer so much more! We believe that well-being includes more than just physical wellness and understand that mental and emotional wellness are equally important to your child’s overall well-health. Our goal is to provide your family with access to resources within our office to help meet as many of your child’s needs as possible, in one place. When we can’t provide a needed resource in our office, we have a care coordination team to assist you in navigating to the right place as quickly as possible.  We understand that your time is valuable and that access to the care your child needs can be confusing and, at times, difficult to obtain. In an attempt to assist our families in obtaining the best possible care, we offer the following resources in our office:

  • Community Health Workers: If you have a visit to urgent care or the emergency department you will likely get a call from one of our community health workers to follow up on how your child is doing. They are also available to help coordinate transportation to appointments, connect families to food banks, assist with housing resources, and can also assist parents with finding an adult PCP. These staff members have received an enormous amount of training through CU School of Public Health and would love to assist your family!


  • RN Care Coordinator: Our RN care coordinator is the main point of contact for Synagis during respiratory season. She also works with our asthma patients to make sure they are up to date of asthma visits and will follow up with families who have been to the emergency department for asthma-related reasons. For families who have a chronically ill child, our RN care coordinator can assist with navigating multiple appointments and can help follow up with prior authorizations that are needed for special equipment or nutrition.


  • Behavioral Health Specialists: Our behavioral health specialists are located in our Wheat Ridge office and specialize in early childhood and infant mental health. They are also very well equipped to work with elementary school-aged children and teens and love doing so! They are available for traditional 50 minute therapy appointments Monday through Friday for more ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, etc… but also see patients in shorter 30 minute appointments to address a variety of concerns from maternal post-partum depression to tantrums, sleep issues, and minor behavior concerns that may not require a full 50 minute visit. When our new Thornton location opens in 2018, we will expand these same services to that location.


  • Social Work: While we wish that life always went as planned when it doesn’t, we are here to help. Circumstances such as job loss, homelessness, addiction, abuse, and other difficult life situations sometimes require additional support. Our social worker can help advocate for patients within their schools, with other community resources, as well as with specialist providers. She is available for home visits and is able to help make connections to needed resources and help communication between resources so that all involved in the care of your child can remain on the same page. This resource is currently only available to our Medicaid families in certain locations. We are adding additional staff to be able to serve all of our patients in the next couple of months.


  • Certified Lactation Counselor: Jessica Johnson, one of our physician assistants, is a Certified Lactation Counselor and is available at our Wheat Ridge location for breastfeeding and lactation concerns. Appointments are needed, please call our office to inquire further.


  • Referral Coordinators: We have 2 referral coordinators that help process all referrals placed as well as obtain information from specialists to give back to the referring provider so that we know what happened with your child outside of our office.


These resources are only available to our families. If you are not a current patient at Peak Pediatrics but would like to become one, please call us at 303-996-6005. We would love for your family to join ours!

Behavioral Health and Care Coordination Team

Physician Assistant
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Behavioral Specialist
Maureen Carney
Maureen Carney
Behavioral Health Specialist
Nicole Gartner, LPC
Registered Nurse Care Coordinator
Michele Schnoor
Michelle S., R.N.
Care Navigator
Berenice G.
Care Navigator
Yessenia H.
Social Work Care Coordinator
Nicole O.